Our church’s mission is to make disciples of Jesus. The ministries we’ve started all began as a way to do this and reach people beyond the walls of our church.

Ministry Guide

Active Word & Radio

Web streaming, podcasting, books, radio and television broadcasts...no matter what the method, the Active Word is your encouragement to discover how the Bible applies to your life.


Broadcasting over a network of 40+ frequencies around the state of Florida and streaming live at ReachFM.org, ReachFM provides the soundtrack for your everyday life.



Calvary Christian Academy

This pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade school exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through a biblical environment that prepares students to glorify God spiritually, academically, and socially.

Ocean's Edge Music

Ocean’s Edge Music is part of the Worship Ministry. Available resources include CDs, MP3s, charts, songbooks, and DVDs. Opportunities to be a part of this ministry are available for those that desire to serve and are gifted with musical ability.

Calvary Bookstores

Grow spiritually by investing in a wide range of materials that are available for your study, devotion, growth, and enjoyment. We offer a wide range of Christian books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, apparel, and more.

Thrift Store (Online)

Each donation or purchase directly benefits children and families in crisis throughout South Florida by providing them what they so desperately need—love, acceptance, and a safe home. 

New Life Movement International is one church with five locations. The main campus, in Fort Lauderdale, broadcasts each week’s teaching via video feed to our regional campuses. Worship is always live at each location and a campus pastor oversees the service. 

Boca Raton

1551 West Camino Real

Boca Raton, FL 33486

Service Times

Wednesday: 6:45pm

Saturday: 6:15pm

Sunday: 8:15am, 10:30am, 12:45pm

phone: (561) 869-5775

Florida Keys

91264 Overseas Highway

Tavernier, FL 33070

Service Times

Sunday: 9:30am

phone: (305) 852-5030 

Fort Lauderdale (Main)

2401 West Cypress Creek Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Service Times

Wednesday: 6:30pm

Saturday: 6pm

Sunday: 8:00am, 10:15am, 12:30pm

phone: (954) 977-9673


1770 Monroe Street

Hollywood, FL 33019

Service Times

Wednesday: 6:30pm
Beach Service (Spring-fall)
Grace Cafe (Winter) 

Sunday: 10:30am
(Arts Center)

phone: (954) 905-5020


11801 West Broward Blvd

Plantation, FL 33325

Service Times

Wednesday: 6:45pm

Saturday: 6:15pm

Sunday: 9:15am, 11:30am

phone: (954) 905-5000

Boca Raton (Sandalfoot)

10660 Sandalfoot Blvd. West

Boca Raton, FL 33428

Service Time

Sunday: 10:30am

phone: (561) 869-5990



CRAVE - Love found me, was the very first event organized by CAM, the Creative Arts and Media Forum of New Life Movement International. Held on the 16th of February 2011 at the Dinesh Modi Auditorium, Kalina University, Mumbai,in the same week as that of Valentine's day, Crave had its theme revolving around love and finding true love in Jesus. The event began with spirited praise and worship led by Jim and his team. Sure to say the vibrancy further accelerated as the evening unfolded. From choreography, poetry recitation, singing, spot games, to showcasing of a short film, Crave had it all. Also panelists Subi Samuel, Ian Hendricks and Naomi Hendricks,
gave practical and biblical answers to the questions that came in during the Q & A session. Ian Hendricks also spoke about the aims and objectives of CAM and the significance of identifying creativity within the church. Some other guests who added flavor to the evening were KeertiSaghathia and Sheldon Bangera.

Youth from different parts of the city came in and were completely blessed and revived by Crave. In all CRAVE was an entirely fresh experience, that encouraged all to identify their own skills and use it for the glory of God.

Asli u

Crazy For CHRIST

Meet Jonathan Lopez, a 20-year-old with a passion for God� and photography! All it took was a movie (Escape to Hell) for him to give his life to Jesus in 2007 and ever since, it’s been one heck of a ride. A committed Christian and an active youth group member, Jonathan was everybody’s go-to guy. But God wasn’t done with him yet.

LOVE came to me

After almost three years serving God, I reached a point of honesty in my life. I was doing so many things in the kingdom but was it just out of duty? Did I really love God? Did I really know who He was? Not quite. I needed a revelation! That’s when I got hold of Experiencing the Father’s Embrace, a book that changed my picture of God.

RELIGION can go fly a kite

The realisation that my Father loves me no matter what, transformed me. Whether I feel like spending time with Him or not, whether I take a hundred youth cells or not, even when I’m angry and frustrated, He loves me just the same. It’s not religion for me anymore. It’s His love that motivates me. Rules and regulations, what’s right and what’s wrong, the dos and the don’ts, nothing can smother my passion. Crazy has become normal for me.

CAMERA happy!


I’m passionate about God and photography so I guess it’s natural to use my camera for Him! I love capturing photos that tell a story. I once clicked this photo of a woman with five children in a slum area. The amazing thing about the picture was the story behind it. This woman wasn’t the mother of those kids. They were orphans and poor as she was, she chose to take care of them like her own. It moved me and challenged so many other people to come forward and sponsor these slum kids. Today many kids go to school because of a single picture of http://tadacipbycipla.com/!

Encountering the LOVER OF MY SOUL

How many times have we heard that one encounter with God can radically transform a person’s life? Well, Janet had that encounter at the One Voice youth camp in December last year. She was a part of the Vasai Church for three years, ever since her mother got saved. But Janet still didn’t enjoy the best life had to offer. She was miserable and lonely. Everybody - neighbours, classmates, friends -would make fun of her dark skin color. This led Janet into depression. She would cry and curse herself to the point that she hated herself. She would cry out to God and ask God why did He make her like this? Why would people not make friends with her?

At this low point in her life, she encountered God. He said, “Janet, you’re so beautiful, you’re so lovely. I made you. Do not worry about what the world says, because they didn’t make you, I did. They did not do anything for you, I did everything. I made you in your mother’s womb. Your eyes, nose, fingers... When I made you, I was only concentrating on you, My sweetheart, My princess.�

Hearing these words, Janet’s life was transformed. Her outlook towards herself was changed. Now if people tease her, it doesn’t bother her because she knows who made her. When asked what she says to those who tease her, she replies, “Jesus Loves You.�

Janet enjoys spending “lovely� time with God which includes singing, dancing and according to her, “all kinds of crazy things.�

If you are going through a similar situation where you feel rejected and alone, know this - Jesus came down because He loves you. He died because He loves you. He went through pain and suffering because He loves you. And you’re alive today only because He loves you!

By Jonathan Lopez

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