New Life History


To transform the lives of 100,000 children across Mumbai city
Mumbai’s Population 20 million
Pin Codes 100  -*(postal codes)
Slum communities 17,450
(an overcrowded area of a city in which the housing, sanitation, education, basic amenities is typically in very bad condition)

Children in slums 5.6 million

To establish 10 Balwadis in each postal code with 1000 Balwadis across the city
Each Balwadi would serve at 100 children thereby benefiting 100,000 children in the city

If you’re at a place in your life where you need to talk to someone about how to begin a relationship with God, we want to meet with you. If you need advice—martial, parenting, financial, or just a difficult decision—we want to connect with you and help you find your way using biblical principles. And if you need someone to pray with you, to seek God’s advice and comfort as you go through a challenging time, we are here for you.

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