Pastor S.Joseph: His Story

Founder, President and Leader
New Life Movement International and New Life Churches

Passion for God Compassion for People
When God chooses to partner with man; He begins with a man.

1950 – Bombay

God, in his sovereignty, chose a young uneducated orphan boy from Mariapura a small village situated on the out skirts of Bangalore, in the South of India. Susai Joseph came to the city of Bombay in 1950 with nothing more than Rupees 1.50 and the clothes he wore. Having endured a hard life living on the streets of Bombay, he refused to accept poverty and educated himself. Dissatisfied with life and seeking answers to life’s questions God met with him. This encounter would radically change his life and his destiny. He was ordained Pastor of the New Life Centre Church, in Mumbai, in 1969 - a self supporting church. This church was started by missionaries from New Zealand.

1975 – New Life Fellowship Association - Bombay

Pastor Joseph founded the New Life Fellowship Association, with it’s new spiritual DNA. A self supporting ministry. He registered 'The New Life Fellowship Association' as a separate legal entity in 1975 and became its founding Chairman.(It was commonly referred to as New Life Fellowship- NLF). The movement went through difficult times in the early years until July 1980 when the Lord gave Pastor Joseph a vision for the city of Mumbai, the Nation of India and the nations of the world. From then on New Life Fellowship began to grow in Mumbai and beyond as the leadership was propelled by this vision.

2010 - New Life Movement International Launched

2010 was a ‘turning point’ in his life and ministry a challenging year of change and realignment. Subsequent to a leadership challenge, in May 2010, at New Life Fellowship Association the organization he founded in 1975 and successfully led for 35 years; as part of the ‘new way forward’ he was led to continue his God given vision. New Life Movement International (NLMI)was birthed - the new instrument for fulfilling this Vision. Leaders, Churches and Ministries that choose to remain under his leadership were realigned under NLMI. *(The Churches are now known as New Life Church)

New Life Movement International (NLMI) was formed on 4th July 2010and launched on the 1st of August 2010.

"He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ." (Philippians 1:6)



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