New Life Schools (English)

New Life School (English)

New Life School ( English) has been pioneered by Mrs K P Kajhuns, who retired as the Principal of Queen Mary School, Mumbai. This English medium school is set in the midst of Asia’s largest slum- Dharavi, and 22 years on, it is a thriving epicenter of education in this community. Thousands of children have passed through the school, many of who are engineers and teachers, living out stories of success

The school is a model of ‘sustainable development’ and is self funded with the local slum community co investing in the education of their children. They like This sustainable model of ‘access to primary education’ is sought to be passionately duplicated by New Life across slum communities in Mumbai as part of our Vision 2020. 
2011 sees the launch of New Life Schools ( English) in 4 locations in Kurla.
















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